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Trädgårdsriket/v3.0 Client Arena publishing house/ Year 2009

Challenge and presentation
Release the third version of the site with integrated function for user registration form, interface modules and administration levels. Correlate the joined venture of Trädgårdsriket and Riksförbundet Svensk Trädgård for the coming event Thousand Gardens.

Riksförbundet Svensk Trädgård together with Trädgårdsriket is hosting Thousand Gardens in 8:th of August 2010 on a countrywide level. All garden owners from Sweden have the possibility to participate by registering their garden to Thousand Gardens
Updating the framework of the existing system, implement user levels and administration tools for the database. New design and interaction modules have been added to the site.
Together with Zimmer & Son, Off the Red is proud to bring Trädgårdsriket to its third version. With a complex site architecture we created a great search engine optimization(SEO) for this website.
trädgårdsriket v3.0 list image2 trädgårdsriket v3.0 list image1 trädgårdsriket v3.0 list image3 trädgårdsriket v3.0 list image3 trädgårdsriket v3.0 list image4