We are Off the Red
You can call us an interactive design and development agency but we believe that this is way too fancy of a description...

So in simpler words, we define our selves as being a studio group of thinkers, designers and developers. We innovate products and help others to design theirs.

Off the Red was founded in 2006 AD and we have since then been really committed to exceeding expectations by working hard for all of our clients. To date, we have had the pleasure of working with a great range of different customers varying from, corporate design, advertising and publishing houses, small companies, and global brands to well known international profiles.

We help create unforgettable brands experiences, beautiful functional websites, and useful applications. We help businesses connect with their customers. For each project we boost understand our clients' needs to produce something special. We take pride in our work and we don't outsource.

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As we are
Aiham Azmehsoftware engineer
Florido Paganellisystem administrator
Gunilla von Holstëindesktop manager
Kian the Dogproduction director dog
Sebastian Mutssonuser experience designer

Our biggest passion is to make lovely things that are highly effective and pleasant to use. We believe in hierarchical company structures and collaboration talking openly together.
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Plenty to talk & write about
by Sebastian
During last two months we have been working with some exciting projects. Today we are pleased to announce that we have in our portfolio more than
54 days ago...
by Off the Red
we posted that we were looking for a developer. After piles of CV’s, personal letters (thank`s Annie Duivens from
Developer wanted!
by Sebastian
We are looking for a developer with minimum 2 years of experience in web development environment. For being able to communicate with us you should