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Plenty to talk & write about
by Sebastian
During last two months we have been working with some exciting projects. Today we are pleased to announce that we have in our portfolio more than fifty customers. From small companies to well know international brands; there are all our devoted clients that we are so proud of!

The summer is here and a lot of sun, fun and ice cream on the way. If  U are a fan of dark chocolate ice cream are you welcome to pass by our office and we’ll be more than happy to offer you one. Meanwhile we will update our portfolio to have some fresh projects to talk about.
July 05th,
Plenty to talk & write about | posted by sebastian mutsson
54 days ago...
by Off the Red
we posted that we were looking for a developer.

After piles of CV’s, personal letters (thank`s Annie Duivens from Oyra for your patience and commitment in helping us finding the “right person”) and many interviews where we had the chance to meet interesting persons and discuss plenty of technology thoughts we’re pleased. We would like to thank everybody who applied for this position and for the showed interest. We move forward starting with new exciting projects during this summer that will involve lots of design together with web & mobile development.

We’ll soon let U know what’s next!
May 31st,
54 days ago... | posted by off the red
Developer wanted!
by Sebastian
We are looking for a developer with minimum 2 years of experience in web development environment.

For being able to communicate with us you should have the following technical skills:  XHTML, CSS,(W3C-Standards), XML/RSS,  MySQL, AJAX and PHP (OO); have a good understanding of Internet Protocols and server solutions.

JavaScript experience and some reference projects using (Mootools, JQuery) are a must and other technologies like Java, Flash,  ActionScript are just big plus.

Together with us to  improve and develop tools and digital communication techniques, testing software and writing comprehensive documentation for the resulting applications; designing databases and writing efficient and manageable code.

Everything with a lot of love for technology.
If you think that this is you, drop us a line here!
April 07th,
Developer wanted! | posted by sebastian mutsson
Region Skåne - here we are!
by Sebastian
We’re proud to announce that we provide web solutions for Region Skåne!

"Hästen i Skåne" is our latest project that we work with. The project is partially owned by Region
Skåne and Hästen i Skåne, a non-profit organization. Together with Leif Zimmer, Off the Red design and develops a new website with funky features for the user.

The 20: Th of April will the new site go live and we’re eager to read the feedback and follow the statistics.

Here’s a sample of how the start page will look like.

March 30th,
Region Skåne - here we are! | posted by sebastian mutsson
Moving on
by Off the Red
Meshuggah battering my eardrums...good song here
A new week. And I just left LKV to fly on it's own. That feels just great.
And absolutely nerve-wrecking. The last implementation was huge, a system shift,
you might say.
My thoughts keep wandering back on forth over the reasons why and how. Even though I don't want them to - they keep coming back like flies or an itch that when you scratch it just itches more - or like a new stud in your tongue - you cannot leave it be...
...and all of a sudden you think of something that you didn't thought upon - cold clasp around the abdominal area,  heart pounding, moving my lips as I, once again, declare the logical steps one by one and of course returning to the same conclusion: it is solved. no bothers.

Moving on to the next project. MVP. That it has been taken...

Setting up the classes, the pages, the functions, extending the classes with subclasses and new features that you thought upon during the last project but didn't allow yourself to implement, due to the lack of time, of course, always this lack of time.
It is fun to start a new project. A clean database. A new approach (maybe...).
Initial, crucial decisions that will effect the direction of the whole project.
Bad decisions now and you know what will happen: they will keep you company like a bad friend.

But right now - everything is good, real good!

February 01st,
Moving on | posted by off the red